The Dead
Phil Lesh, Bill Kreutzmann, Mickey Hart, Bob Weir, Jimmy Herring, Jeff Chimenti, and Warren Haynes

Wave That Flag Tour
July 3rd 2004 The Gorge George, Washington

1st Set

After a quick stage change and setup, The Dead took the stage, The Sun Beaming.
Brian Farmer, (center stage in red) Warrens Guitar Tech, worked double duty helping with Jimmys and Bobbys Rigs too

Not Noodling much they went right into "Shakedown Street"

From "Shakedown St" into Mickeys new song "Strange World"

The Dead Crowd enjoying the show : ))

As the sun set, the colors got deeper, and the smiles got wider, The Dead Rocked into "Jack Straw" then "Mississippi 1/2 Step"

Warren lead the band into "No More Do I" as the Sun set furthur down into The Gorge
I walked back to FOH for these next pix.

Bobby and Warren Jammin

Jimmy burnin as the sun sets

Jeff Chimenti playing sweet keys

GreatGorgeous Sunset Shots

The Dead Ripped Thru "Hard to Handle", "Cumberland Blues", and "Casey Jones" as The Gorge grew dark and the set came to and end.....a good 1hr + set, with more to come after the break...

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